Jesús Medina Molina 


Currently I'm open to new job opportunities


I hold a Bachelor degree in Education and have held several commercial positions at Amadeus, an IT company for the travel industry. Before joining Amadeus I worked for Iberia, Airlines of Spain.


Strong experience in Sales and Account Management and New Business Development. My specialties are Marketing, Communication, Personal Branding, PR, Concept creation, Partnerships, LinkedIn coaching.

I coach people with regards to Personal Branding, helping them to better profile themselves, how to stand out from the crowd. At the same time I also coach people how to create a stronger Linkedin profile.


From 2014 till end February 2021 I've been in the role of Global Account Manager at Amadeus, managing the overall commercial relationship with a leading online travel company, which operates in more than 50 countries.


At Amadeus I've negotiated large contracts and managed sales teams across Benelux. For more details and/or recommendations, check my

Linkedin profile:




My hobbies are running and I love reading thrillers & historical novels.

Strong interest in languages. I'm fluent in Dutch, Spanish, English and Italian. I love to read German and French thrillers and have basic conversational knowledge of Turkish language.