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Jesús Medina Molina 




Over 16 years of proven results within the IT, Travel, and Tourism industries, where I've fulfilled several Sales, Global Account Management, and Business Development leadership roles.

From 2014 to March 2021, I've been in the role of Global Account Manager at Amadeus, managing the overall commercial relationship with a leading online travel company (OTA), which operates in over 50 countries.


At Amadeus, I've negotiated large contracts and managed sales teams across Benelux. For more details, please check my Linkedin profile:

As from June 2022 I'm involved as Business Development Manager at cpmview in Utrecht. Cpmview is a specialist in corporate performance management.





Strong interest in languages. I'm fluent in Dutch, Spanish, English and Italian. I enjoy reading German and French thrillers and also watching movies in these languages. With regards to Turkish, my understanding of this language is at elementary level, which I try to improve with every new visit to the country.  

My hobbies are running and I love reading thrillers & historical novels.

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