Opening 10th March 2018 of the chess court (3 public chess tables) in Máximapark, Utrecht. On the right, at the chess table, Alderman Kees Geldof. This

was the first chess court in a Dutch city park! Now, not even three years later, 16 Dutch municipalities have placed public chess tables.

Follow the right steps & create your own public 'chess court'!

Since I started my national initiative (end 2017), fifteen (15) Dutch municipalities have placed

public chess tables in the open space. Almost 40 chess tables have been placed in city parks,

squares and school yards, and ... many more cities will place them as well.

Contact me to assist you with creating YOUR OWN PUBLIC CHESS COURT in your city! 

Where have the chess tables been placed


- Utrecht


- Beijum (Groningen)


- Amersfoort


- Apeldoorn 


- Gorcum


- Doetinchem


- Schiermonnikoog (Isle of Chess!)


- Tilburg


- Alkmaar


- Den Helder


- Middenmeer (NH)


- Naaldwijk


- Ruurlo


- Heemstede

- IJsselstein (September 2020)

Please get in touch with me if you would like to launch a similar initiative in your city. 

I'm happy to guide you on the steps to take.

You can leave your comments at the bottom of this page, or reach out to me through the 'Contact' page.


Jesús Medina Molina 

In February 2018 primary school Pantarijn in De Meern (Utrecht) placed a chess table at their school yard. During the opening alderman Paulus Jansen (on the right), responsible for Sports at the city of Utrecht, and myself played the first game of chess. Click here to see the video. 

Susan Polgar: "Here is a picture of me with the engineers during the process of installing chess tables in a university park".

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