Opening 10th March 2018 of the chess court (3 public chess tables) in Máximapark, Utrecht. On the right, at the chess table, Alderman Kees Geldof. This is the first chess court in a Dutch city park! 

Chess tables in every city park!


On 15th February 2018 a chess table was placed at the school yard of primary school Pantarijn in De Meern (Utrecht). Click here to see the news item (video) made by RTV Utrecht. Shortly after a second chess table was placed at the schoolyard of primary school Shri Krishna. 

The opening of the 3 chess tables in the Máximapark (Utrecht) took place on Saturday 

10th of March 2018Click here to go to the website of Máximapark.  


In March 2018 a chess table was placed at De Zonnehof in Amersfoort. 



On 7th June 2018 a chess table was opened at playground De Vlindertuin.


In November 2018 2 chess tables have been placed in the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark. In January 2019 3 chess tables were placed at Steve Bikoplein in Amsterdam. 

In May 2019 2 chess tables were placed at location Haardstee, close to Johan Cruijff Arena.


Two chess tables were opened in October 2018, located in de Willemshof in the village center, and one chess table was placed at primary school Yn de Mande. In June 2019 four chess tables have been 

placed on the boat from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog. 


On 23rd May 2018 2 chess tables were opened at a beautiful location at the water side.  

For more info: 


On 10th July 2018 chess tables were placed at two locations in Doetinchem, one at 

De Nieuwstad and the other at the Bleek.

Den Helder: 

In April 2019 2 chess tables were placed at Julianaplein.


In April 2019 one chess table was placed at primary school Kardinaal de Jong school.


In October 2019 3 chess tables will be placed in Spoorpark in Tilburg.


In June 2019 1 chess table has been placed at Sport en Recreatieveld The Movement

Please get in touch with me if you would like to launch a similar initiative in your city. 

I'm happy to guide you on the steps to take.

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Jesús Medina Molina 

In February 2018 primary school Pantarijn in De Meern (Utrecht) placed a chess table at their school yard. During the opening alderman Paulus Jansen (on the right), responsible for Sports at the city of Utrecht, and myself played the first game of chess. Click here to see the video. 

Susan Polgar: "Here is a picture of me with the engineers during the process of installing chess tables in a university park".


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